HIP #17


Masters Equine
Dalton, OH

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Hip 17-2021

Boot is a gelding that I have had the chance of handling since the day he was born. Born and raised on the farm, we have had the opportunity to put him through all the check marks of our program. He was started slowly and properly to ensure a dependable future. He has been on numerous overnight camping trips, obstacle courses swimming in the pond- you name it, we have tried it. Boot has a lot of confidence in the unknown situations. He would rather investigate a “scary” object than spook at it. His gentle and willing nature is what I admire the most about him. As far as personality is concerned, he could double as the family dog, as he will be the first to greet you in the pasture and will drop his head in your arms to be loves on until you leave. His mellow, and good-natured demeanor makes him a great confidence builder and would suit most any level of rider. He is bred to have cow sense, and the natural talent is there. We have just started roping and sorting on him this spring, but he acts like he has been doing it his whole entire life. No matter what direction you want to go, this phenomenal gelding will be sure to take you there. He has all the buttons: side passes, turns around, leg yields, but just as easily: point and go. Gentle, Flashy and Broke, with unlimited potential! For more information call Jake at 330.464.9758.

Registered Number: 5853358
Hands: 15
Foaled year: 06/02/2017
Color: Buckskin

hip17-2021 pedigree

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