HIP #45


Darold Newman
Lovell, WY

SOLD for $7,750

Click pictures to open a larger view. Detailed description of horse below.

He has got to be the quickest learning horse I have ever ridden. I have been calving and tagging on him all spring. I have jumped him into ice covered creeks, fell through the ice and he never flinched.

Bridger went through my Dad’s 3-week program this past summer and was loved by everyone. I can honestly say I would put beginner riders one him and not be worried about them at all. You can turn him loose for 6 months and bring him in, no ground work just jump on him and he will bet the same as when you turned him out.

I have roped anything I could find on him. I have drug calves to the fire on him. He loads nice and is super easy to catch. Ridden by Kurt McNabb.

For more information call Darold at 307-272-2759.

Grade AQHA
Hands: 15
Weight: 1,190
Foaled Year: 2015

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