HIP #6


Whispering Pines Stables
Bristolville, OH

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Hip 6-2021

American Creme Draft / AQHA cross. Very well trained to ride. Very safe, gentle ad quiet. Nice and soft in the face, responds to seat and leg cues, lopes nice circles, stops on whoa. We have used him on the farm thru trails, creeks, on the road, obstacles etc. Nothing seems to bother him. He’s been roped off, last winter we used him to go skijoring. He has been ridden by multiple riders and doesn’t try to take advantage from green riders. This is a super sweet natured, personable, gelding that simply loves anybody that will take the time to scratch him. Come out to the farm and ride him. Trained and prepped at Nebo Valley Far, LLC. For more information call Joe Allan at 440.537.6872.

Registered Number: N/A
American Cream Quarter Horse Cross
Hands: 15.2
Foaled: 06/18/2011
Color: Cream

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