HIP #60

TRIPLE R’S DUKE – $31,000

Triple R Stables
Millersburg, OH

Click pictures to open a larger view. Detailed description of horse below.

Duke is another highlight proudly presented by the Raber family. One of them hard to find size Draft crosses. Duke is 3/4 Quarter with 1/4 Clydesdale. Sturdy but still athletic and a great mover. He has been ridden English & Western. You can ride him either way, it makes him no difference! Duke has been trailridden by all levels of riders. If someone comes to the farm to borrow a horse for a trailride he was is the one we always go for. He does great in steep and rugged terrain, crosses the water, logs, mud and ditches with no problem. He was also ridden on a 3 day wagon train this past July. Stands quiet on the highline and gets along great with other horses. A very versatile type of guy that can take you on a weekend trail ride or go to the arena and enter in a dressage class. His gait transitions are smooth and easy, a nice slow trot and a well balanced and collected canter. He will respond to leg and seat cues. Duke was used to give riding lessons this summer to an adult beginner. We have introduced him to some cowboy work, like gathering the roping steers, sorting and doing a little ranch roping on him. He has great barn manners, handled and groomed by the younger children. Stands well to shoe, clip, bathe, etc. He’s that pretty red bay color with black mane and tail, a stripe and some white on all 4’s. That’s Duke!! For more information call Ray at 330-275-2877.

Quarter / Clyde Cross
Hands: 15

Weight: 1,100
Foaled Year: 2015
Color: Red Bay

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